LeakyCon 2014 has ended
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Dani Palmer

International Quidditch Association
Staff Photographer
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Dani has been doing this for 5 years now. What exactly “this” is may be ambiguous, but involves having been a Slytherin since the age of 9 and this zany Leaky/Geeky community in every way possible, from writing for personal and help blogs on the topic of the con to volunteering as head of Slytherin House. As a disability and LGBTQIA+ advocate and photographer by trade, Dani spends most time using fandom circles to engage in bettering the world and discussing themes in fiction and how they translate to real life. Dani also believes in always being yourself, as wacky and wonderful as that may be. Unless you can be Spot Conlon. Then always be Spot Conlon.